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Monday, January 24, 2005

Cardboard box Sumo

After a rousing game of squash, I witnessed a most peculiar event on the way home. Two kids, each no older than 10 years, were on the nature strip with huge cardboard boxes over their heads. The boxes covered their entire upper body and most of their legs. As I drove past, the two kids charged at each other with some force. The scene reminded me of both sumo wrestling, and the male mating contests of various species.

Only it was two tall cardboard boxes with little legs protuding, charging at each either full pelt. On impact, both the contestants bounced back a bit, then fell on their respective behinds. Trust me, it was great. Not only that, but it looked like a lot of fun.

If only I'd had two cardboard boxes and a willing accomplice a digital camera ...


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