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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Both wacky and wonderful. Aside from the terrible name, Hikarunix seems like an interesting idea.

From the website:
Welcome to Hikarunix, the only operating system dedicated to Go. This CD was designed especially for Go players of all levels. Whether you've been playing for decades or have never heard of the game until now, this CD is for you.

Hikarunix is a Linux LiveCD distro, based on DamnSmallLinux which in turn was created from the Knoppix distribution. Hikarunix comes in at 190MB, and fits on a miniCD. It contains:

  • GNU Go - GPL'd Go Engine
  • gGo - Go Client
  • CGoban - Java KGS Client
  • Jago - Another Java Client
  • Kombilo - Go database software
  • Uligo - Go problem driller
  • sgf2misc - Converts from sgf to other formats
  • sgfMerger - Merges multiple sgf files into one
  • sgfsummary - Creates a summary of results from a set of sgf files

It also comes with a fair bit of Go documentation to get people started. It seems like it would make a good learning/studying tool. Now if only it was called something different.

Well, it's been slashdotted, so it seems as though I'm the last to know. Anyway, get it here.


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