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Thursday, January 20, 2005

On blawging

I noticed this morning that quantum meruit has linked to me in his blog under the heading of other blawgs. Aside making me feel somewhat excited (Yay! My first link), it's gotten me thinking about what constitutes a blawg.

Now, blawg is a word created by combining the words blog and law. Intrinsically, it implies a law related blog. According to blawg.org:
Blawg, n, a weblog with emphasis on the law or legal related issues and concerns, often maintained by an individual who studies, practices or otherwise works in the legal field.

My blog meets the second part of the definition, since I study law at Monash. However, fulfillment of the first part of the definition is lacking. Although all the blogs that I've blogrolled I consider to be blawgs, this blog doesn't in fact have very many law related issues. Actually, I don't think it contains any law related issues - at the moment. So far my blogging has been about personal goings on and various considerably geeky websites that I've discovered while trawling the net. It's the engineer side of me showing through again.


Personally, I find the definition of blawg given by blawg.org to be a little strict. Most of the blogs that I read, I consider to be blawgs. This is mainly because they are written by individuals who study or practice law. I find them interesting because they tell me a little about what it's like in the field of law. To use a Japanese word to describe it, it's like I've got many senpai looking out for me. It's comforting reading about the ideas and dreams of 'those that have come before'. That seems more blawgy to me than say a corporate law-blog.

Even though my postings are mainly about geeky things, such as GNU/Linux, truth be told, I do have an intense interest in law. It's just that I feel as though I know very little about the field, having studied just one so far in my academic history. This compares to my lifelong exposure to computers and maths. Don't get me wrong, I love studying law. It's just that at present, this blog is very firmly in the 'wannabe blawg' category.

Somewhat worrying is that at this moment, Wikipedia has no entry for the word blawg. Strangely enough, the blogger spellchecker doesn't have entries for blog, blawg, weblog or any conjugations of those words. Bizarre.


Blogger QM said...

dude, I linked to you because you kindly linked to me. You are not doing the whole student existential thing, are you?

2:34 pm

Blogger MT said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:44 pm

Blogger MT said...

Thank you kindly. But seriously, what student existentialist thing?

10:18 am


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