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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ivan's post: Blogging at work, my take

It seems Ivan's post about blogging at work has hit a nerve in the little area of the Blogosphere I inhabit. Here's Sarni's take on the issue. For some reason, this response to Ivan's post by QM struck me as being incredibly funny.

Here's my take.

I connected to some ideas that Sarni had regarding tracability. My sitemeter statistics for instance, tell way too much about my blogging habits for my liking. For example, by looking for a blogger.com referer URL, you can tell how often a blogger checks his own blog. And no, it's not because I've a big ego, I just want to check to see that my posts publish correctly.

So then you'd be here. By throwing the IP address that appears there into a whois lookup such as is available at APNIC, you may get the chance to have a look at where they're blogging from. Note, for APNIC, you need to replace any #s with any number between 0 and 255 in order to get a meaningful result.

Unfortantely, the APNIC whois service uses a perl script, so I can't link the the results. But needless to say, they say something about my blogging habits that I potentially may have liked to keep a little more private. Namely that yes, I'm working, and yes, I blog at work - though not exclusively.

I won't go into the ethical issues, but technologically, unless you're pretty careful, any interested party can basically see what you're doing.

Oh, and about my statistics: The 25% of visitors visiting from the NT time zone, they'd all be me. I am undoubtedly my own biggest supporter - which is a little sad; no ego boost here. I'm also a little bit miffed that I've not had any visitors to my site that use any form of Unix. When I get back to Melbourne and start blogging on my Laptop, that'll change, believe me.

I also caught something on the news this morning on the radio news attributed to Peter Costello, basically saying that the ABC should stick to the news. The programme futher went on to say that if the government controlled ABC, that it'd be more of the Cricket. There was no direct quotation by the radio show, so I'm not sure how true it is, and as it strikes me as an awfully contrivertial thing to say, it was probably taken out of context anyway. When I heard it, I had a good laugh. Nonetheless, I'm a little alarmed. You can never have too many sources of news. Anyone have a link to a transcript or an article?


Blogger sarni said...

Just in case you didn't know, you can set up your sitemeter to ignore visits from certain IP addresses - I use it so I don't count my own visits. However, it depends on whether you're using one computer all the time or not...

8:37 pm

Blogger MT said...

Ah. I've always wondered what preferences are available when you click on the 'edit account' link of the sitemeter page. Funny things happened when I first registered my details; Now I can't login, nor get my password emailed to me.

It doesn't bother me terribly much, as all the information I need is available sans login. It means that the statistics will be skewed a bit, especially with my tiny readership, but I'm not fussed. Somehow, I've gotten used to it.

9:50 am


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