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Monday, February 07, 2005

Jumping the Gun

Well, we all know that I love HSBC. We also all know that I've had some issues trying to change who I bank with. Well, here's another post about the difficulties of changing banks.

This morning I checked out the online payslip system to see if the changes to banking details had been reflected there yet. It seems that they have. So far there's no problem. Then, I logon to the HSBC website. They've given me 99c for holding my $2000 for four days. Nice. That's what I would have got with my *entire* balance over the course of a month with whatever Commonwealth account I have. Still happy here.

Then I decide to logon to Commonwealth Netbank. Here's where the fun starts. The client numbers given to me by the CBA and HSBC share some similarities. Of the four last digits, three are in the digit in the same location. This morning I thought that all four were the same. So after accidently locking some poor sod out of his account, I phoned the CBA to try and figure out my actual client number. Unfortunately I pressed the wrong option on the electronic phone response system, and got forwarded on to a lady who could only tell me my client number if she also reset my password. Fair enough. After handing over a plethora of personal details over, the lady helps gets me my client number and a new 6-digit numberic password. Since my computer is right next to my phone, I type new password into Netbank, and sure enough, it works. So I hang up. Then I realise that to change my password, I need my old password; or rather my new one. Since for the interests of security, I never wrote the 6-digit number down, this meant another call to the CBA.

After being on hold for a little while, I got to speak with another CBA representative. I told him my somewhat humorous story. He didn't laugh. Oh well, I gave him the details required to reset my password yet again; this time I was determined not to make the same mistake. Only this time, I wasn't given the opportunity. He placed me on hold for a few minutes, while I chilled to some pretty funky latin tunes. Where do they get this music? I want some. It eventuates that because of difficuties in communication that the details I gave him didn't match with the records that CBA held. I needed to go to the local branch to do a 100 point ID check. This was the start of badness.

So I head over to the local branch, only to find out that it opens at 9:30 am. Here I realised that today might just not be my day. But in the process of getting from the office to the bank, I realised that in some ways this was perfect.

I need to close down my bank account with the CBA eventually in any case, and with my paycheck pointed in the right direction, everything seems ok. So this stuff up, which is mostly my fault, and only partially the fault of the CBA, might just be the impetus to help me get everything done. It seems my subconsciousness decided to jump the gun.

Anyway, it's 9:25 am now, so I'm off to the bank again. How does one say "I want to stop banking with you now, please" politely?


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