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Friday, February 25, 2005

Life in the City

It's official. I'm a city slicker. Over the last few days I've gotten used to living in Lygon St. in Carlton. There's a tram stop right outside of Y's house, so transportation couldn't possibly be easier.

It's great being within walking distance of Safeway, Borders and Nova; not to mention all the funky Ice-cream parlors. I'm always 'out-eaten' by the more practiced Lygon Street locals though. The closeness to Safeway means that I needn't shop on a regular basis, and can take a haphazard, I've nothing planned for dinner approach. Borders is great too; having a book store around with a decent selection of chess books always is.

As for Nova, I was able to see Hotel Rwanda last night. It's definately worth watching, but not if all you're after is a "happy" (in the words of a friend) movie. The movie made me realise again the triviality of my own problems.


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