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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Monash University Chess Association needs members

I'm not trying to fool myself here, and it is incredibly unlikely that this'll be relavent anyone who reads this , however.....

The Monash University Chess Association is in a spot of bother. They need twenty people from Monash Uni to sign up in order to remain associated with Clubs & Societies. If the Association losses this relationship with C&S, it'll not have a free venue at the university to conduct it activities. Strangely enough, the activities of the club are primarily member meet-ups so that much Chess playing can be had.

So, pass the word 'round the Melbourne blogosphere. Tell 'em Chess helps your logical thinking skills and'll help you become a better lawyer.

I'd be saddened if the largest university in Australia doesn't have enough people interested in the game to support a club. I don't know the exact number of students at Monash, but my guess would be lots. I'd be interested to know if anyone interested finds out about the club from this post.

Anyway, for those of you interested, or those of you who know someone who'd be interested, the Monash University Chess Association will be holding a stall during the Wednesday and Thursday of O-week. If I recall correctly, O-week is the week beginning Monday 21 Feb. The club needs just twenty new members in total, so if you've got an interest in Chess, please sign up!


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