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Monday, February 07, 2005

More banking fun

Here's the follow up to this morning.

At 9:30, I was already at the the local Commonwealth branch, waiting for the doors to open. I got to be have the privilege one of the first customers at the information desk. To be honest, they couldn't have been nicer about it. After enquiring why I needed to close the account - I cited better interest rates, lower fees, linked stockbroking - they promptly did the paperwork required. Originally I intended to get the money transfered electronically into my HSBC account. I was informed that this would cost $28. Well, stingy person that I am, I asked what other options were available. A bank cheque for $5.40 seemed a reasonable choice.

Since making out bank cheques is done by tellers and not the people at the information desk, I was taken from the information desk to a teller. I didn't have to queue up which was good. It meant that I was kind of cutting the line, which was bad. The bank cheque took a while to do up, largely because the tellers don't get to do much account closure work - the information desk does it most of the time. There seemed to be a bit of trouble with the SDD tax of 10c, and credits and debits not matching up. This took around half an hour to sort out. In the end, I think I ended up getting paid 20c too much. At the end of the better half of an hour, I had in my hand a bank cheque for the contents of my account to deposit into my HSBC account. I also had the pleasure of cutting up my own Commonwealth bank card*, which helped greatly in releaving the stress of the entire morning thus far.

* Well, technically the card was/is the property of the CBA; at least that's what it said on the card. I was pleased when the staff allowed me to cut it up.

Now with bank cheque in hand, I was left with the problem with where to deposit it. If I had been in Sydney, Melbourne or any other reasonably large city, I'd have simply waltzed down to the nearest HSBC branch to deposit it. Darwin unfortunately does not have a local HSBC branch. I remembered something in the brochures about a charge for depositing from a non HSBC bank. At the time I thought it was ANZ. It turns out that I was wrong.

The ANZ people were extremerly helpful, especially considering I've never been one of their customers. I'd recommend them to anyone. Unfortunately it turns out that ANZ was not the bank of the big four that had the strategic alliance with HSBC.

Off to NAB I went. Here, I struck gold. Apparently, they were the strategic partner. Amongst other information, they needed the address of the branch where the account was held. Applying for a bank account by mail has this kind of problem. You don't actually know which branch you're money is with, let alone the branch address. Back to the office I went, clutching my bank cheque and now, an NAB deposit slip.

It's the Sydney branch on Georges Street, I'm told by HSBC telephone representatives. I was about to head off to the NAB branch again, when I realised there was a post office next door to the office. I thought "Let's try GiroPOST", and was handsomely rewarded. Not only did I get to miss out on additional fees (strategic partners come at a cost) - but I didn't need all that extra information. All I needed was my bank card, my pin, and something to deposit. Having all three, I was set.

After fiddling around with my fingers a bit trying to remember my pin - I'm used to the computer numberic keypad - I was met with 'transaction successful' and a much healthier looking bank balance. Relief at last.

It's time for a coffee.


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