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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

No Chinese New Year Cinderella Clause

I'll have to say, midnight passed by quite uneventfully. I didn't turn into a pumpkin and there weren't any grand celebrations (this is Darwin remember). In fact, all that seemed to happen to actually mark the event was a great deal of absolutely nothing.

So, even though I'm not sure if it's traditional, I've decided to make a few Chinese New Year resolutions* in order to help myself remember that today actually happened:
  1. visit the doctor more

  2. be healthy more often

  3. find out which doctor in Darwin has my old medical records so that I can get all my files transfered to Melbourne

*There are a few silly ones I thought of, such as learning French through French Opera, that I've decided to keep off the main list.

P.S. I need a recommendation for a film. Not Sky Captain or Alfie though.


Blogger sarni said...

I love Huckabees, or Sideways - both sound interesting, though I haven't seen either one.

Do your family do anything special for the new year?

12:09 am

Blogger MT said...

Well, during the Jan 1 New Year, our family ended up playing Mahjongg straight through the 00:00 crossover. It would have been nice if we could have done that for Chinese New Year also, but a friend's going-away dinner precluded that.

12:48 pm


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