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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Not that kind of desperate

I'd like to confess that I really like desperate housewives. Oh wait.... Desperate Housewives. Now before anyone gives me a strange look or starts thinking that I'm perverted, they should actually watch the show first. No, it's not a reality TV show. Yes, I know that it's American, but I think that even in America, a reality TV show called Desperate Housewives would be considered a little tactless.

Admittedly, the sex scenes that are depicted in the trailers for the show are present in the show proper. However, it seems to me that the scenes are insanely over-represented in the advertising. Granted, sex plays a role in the story, but it's not that bad.

My interpretation of the title of the show is that it doesn't imply that kind of desperate. Instead, for me, it's about the quiet desperation of living your own life, the ability to overcome obstacles in your path and the struggle to be yourself. I find the sex to be incidental to the plot, not essential.

The comedy element is great, and I've had some good laughs with the family over some of the jokes. The 'pass the salt' line from the first episode was very well done. The consistent use of a narrative voice-over is also quite refreshing, though at times, the amount of blatant foreshadowing that takes place becomes annoying. The characters seem believable, though exaggerated, and the music is imminently suitable.

It takes a lot these days to keep me concentrated on a TV screen for an hour. Desperate Housewives makes the cut. Whilst Ivan seems to have copped it a bit rough, I'd like to public admit that I like the show. I like it a lot. So there.


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