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Friday, February 04, 2005

Possible things to do with Google Sets

Well, readers of my blog will know that I've been playing around with Google Sets. So far I've thought of some silly ideas of sets to look for. First, put the names of all the states of the U.S. into Google sets. See if you get any extra ones like Australia. Second, try and put the "set of all sets that aren't members of themselves" into Google sets. See if Google sets resolves the paradox of whether or not the "set of all sets that aren't members of themselves" is in fact a member of itself. Obviously neither of these set searches will get us interesting or funny results, but we all know that Google has a sense of humour.

As for some serious ideas on how to use the tool, I'm inclined to use it for "shopping around". Say I've used and liked the Gentoo and Fedora distributions of GNU/Linux, but I want to experiment with something new that's in the same group. I'd put Gentoo and Fedora into Google sets, and see what it'd bring up. Or say I found some excellent Hong Kong clerkship opportunities that seem to be available to Australian students. I might try putting the names of the firms into Google sets to see if these opportunities exist in other firms. The link here is very flimsy, and it is unlikely that Google sets will help me uncover additional opportunities, but it might be able to help me identify other things these firms have in common by adding other firms to the list.


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