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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bad Day, Superhumanity and Random words.

Ever wake to a grey sky on a freezing cold day? Ever skip breakfast because you ran out of milk and cereal the day before? Ever trudge to University curiously observing other small groups of trudgers also heading towards University? Ever feel despair at the whole dystopian, post-apocalyptic nature of it all as you pass by the bio-med building where they're throwing computers from the 8th floor into a dumpster through a flimsy-looking tube of plastic sheeting? Ever cringe at the loud banging noises caused by said computers being thrown off the building?

Today was just one of those days.

Recently I blogged about how much I love studying law in contrast with engineering. I think I've discovered a more sinister reason behind this way of thinking than merely simple course preference. It's because I'm finding the engineering work to be more difficult; and not just difficult in the "I should be able to do it, but only if given enormous amounts of time" sense of the word, but difficult in the "I've got absolutely no idea what's happening, and by the way, what do all those crazy symbols on the board mean?" sense of the word.

The Linklaters information session I attended on Monday also gave me little joy. The feeling I came away with was that one pratically needs to be super-human in order to even be considered there, or any other big law firm. My experiences with engineering lately have left me feeling bereft of any inkling illusions of superhumanity.

On a random side-note, our crim. lecturer used the words inchoate, contemporaneity and nebulous today.


Blogger sarni said...

There are a lot of law firms out there which expect you to be superhuman, but they're certainly not all like that. Testament to that is the fact that I've got a job next year. Buck up - you've only just started your degree!

7:56 pm

Blogger MT said...

Aw shucks, you're making me feel like a fresher again. ;) Sure I'm only in the very early stages of my law degree, but I'm in penultimate year engineering. At Monash, this means you need to find vacation employment. It's a requirement to graduate. The weekly industry seminars (they get guest speakers from industry to hold talks regarding graduate employment/vacation employment) held for chemical engineering students only serve to underscore my insecurities. The concepts that industry speakers highlight time and again are:

1. Prepare CV Early.
2. Extra-curriclars Count.
3. Acadamic results also Count.
4. Work experience Counts.

2-4 on the list are probably more than Ok for me. Nonetheless, my CV seems to lack substance. There's no wow factor, no sense of superhumanity.

I figure since I've got so many years left at university, I might as well start developing my superhumanity now. Who knows? Maybe by the time I graduate, I'll be able to leap over tall piles of legal documents in a single bound, x-ray vision my way into the innermost issues of a case, and run around doing tasks at light speed. :P Or not.

Congrats on getting the job Sarni! I must have missed the post where you told everyone. Anyway, here's a late Congrats. Have you found out whether the company is blogging-friendly yet? :)

7:17 am


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