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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Firefox and HSBC Australia Internet Banking

HSBC's Internet banking service lately hasn't been playing nicely (for me anyhow) with the Firefox browser. I spent this morning trying to figure out how to make it work, and stumbled upon the User Agent Switcher plugin. Using this, I was able to identify as MSIE 6.0 (Internet Explorer), and successfully login to HSBC. After getting past the login screen, I needed to open the next page in a new window so that I had access to the menu again. I then identified as default again (Firefox).

This was needed since HSBC requires DOB confirmation for electronic transfers. The javascript code that verifies the validity of the DOB entered is browser-dependent. If I stayed identified as Internet Explorer, the code would popup an error telling me to enter a valid year between 1850 and 105. By identifying as Firefox again, the javascript code works correctly, and the DOB confirmation is successful.

So while it's a fiddly process, it is nonetheless possible to use HSBC's web banking on Firefox on a Windows or GNU/Linux system. For Macs, HSBC seems to skip the browser check altogether and I was able to logon using Safari and Camino.

Look, I just don't like IE, ok? I don't trust it.


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