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without analysis there's no reason to play.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Go? What is this Go?

Readers of my blog may have noticed my sporadic postings mentioning the game Go. Well what is Go? It's a strategy game with very simple rules but leading to very complex positions. There is a certain elegance this game, which only uses two types of pieces; white stones and black stones. Unlike Chess, where you start with all your men, in Go, the board starts empty. Unlike Chess, in Go, you play on the intersections, not the squares. The board is also much, much bigger.

The reason for this random rant is mainly to link to these people

They're the Go club at Melbourne University. If you go to Melbourne University or will go there in the future, look these people up. Go is good for the brain. So, if you're not going to join due to an undying love of Go, join to sharpen the mind. You'll need some brain-food after having to endure hours of mind-numbing, poorly organised lectures.


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