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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Goods and Bads of home-based WiFi

Good: You can use the 'net whereever you want.
Bad: You use it on the dining room table, and don't notice that it's covered in sticky food stains.

Good: You can surf in the garden and relax outside.
Bad: You get rained on.

Good: It's relatively easy to set up.
Bad: It's easy to set up insecurely (e.g. my neighbour).

Good: The number of computers you have connected through a router to the 'net doesn't depend on the number of ports on your router.
Bad: Your flatmates use up all your bandwidth.

Still despite all this, I love my WiFi. It's pretty darn cool.

Edit: This is also pretty darn cool. My post has been translated into French by Canard Wifi.


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