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without analysis there's no reason to play.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Playing Life Grandmaster-style

There's a famous chess saying along the lines of: 'victory is gained by the gradual accumulation of small advantages'. The theorey is that eventually, your advantages pile up, and the game is won. What's amazing is that these advantages can be very small, measured in values of tenths of a pawn, and yet put together, these advatages can completely overwhelm your opponent.

Equally amazing is that this works in life as well. It's amazing how many small things put together can mean a great day. Let's tally them up:
  • I have clean clothes
  • I have a clean room
  • I woke during the rising of the sun and saw the sky change from red to blue
  • I had a good sing in the shower
  • I managed to solve a few narky chemical engineering problems, and;
  • I tried my hand at Toast and Tea Freestylin' at Ivan's
Seperately, these 'advantages' were not of day-making type, and yet put together, they've made me feel great. So when next you're having a great day, and you're not quite sure why, it's probably just that a lot of little things have gone your way. And it's so wonderful when it happens.


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