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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Turk's law of inversely proportional blogging

I'm uncertain whether this is a personal idiosyncrasy or whether this is a wide-spread phenomenon, but here's what I've observed:

As the importance and number of blog-worthy events in life increases, the frequency and length of blog posts decreases.

In pseudo-engineering/science language:

The frequency and magnitude of blog-worthy events is inversely proportional to the frequency and magnitude of blog posts.

Lately, this observation has certainly held true for me. So many blog-worthy events have happened in my life lately. I've become president of the Monash University Chess Association, I've meet heaps of awesome, interesting people through various Monash clubs and societies, and generally adjusted to living with my housemates. For me, these are important, life changing events. Yet, for whatever reason, I can't blog about them. It just doesn't feel right.

So I just avoid the issue by blogging about trivialities, and making random observations like this one. How very odd.


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