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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Wannabe Blawger

Now that Wannabe Lawyer has decided to take a break from blogging, I'm starting to feel like king Wannabe. I link to Aussie blawgs, I join the "legally inclined weblog" webring", and then? Where's the law related posts? There's only this, but that one is also about my lack of law related content.

So here's some random advice for anyone just starting or intending to start studying at Monash Law School:

  1. The Law Faculty holds lectures in interesting places

    This seems to be because there aren't many lecture theatres available within the law building itself. I suspect that holding lectures in varied places around the campus also serves a secondary objective. By observing when students arrive in these often hard to find locations, the lecturer is able to quickly determine the intelligence or organisational skills of the students. Those that arrive early are more likely to be the ones that were able to quickly pin down the building, or the ones that had looked ahead of time. Probably, one could discriminate also between full-fee paying and HECS students on a similar basis, but I won't go there. Especially since I had some trouble finding the building myself. What can I say? I'm a transfer student.

  2. Law textbooks are expensive

    Expect to pay upwards of $150 per subject in order to get the prescribed texts. More if you want to get the recommended ones. Heck, the Waller & Williams Casebook for Crim costs $130 just by itself. Well we all know where my vacation work money is going...

  3. Having good lecturers helps

    I think this is easier in Law than it is in Engineering. If you've got a good lecturer, then you'll be able to stay interested and hence motivated during semester. Lately, although it's not really a fair comparison, I've been turning up to my Law lectures enthralled, and failing to stay awake during the Engineering ones. Maybe it's just the subject matter, but I'm tempted to think that the Law lecturer I have for Crim (Dr. Jonathan Clough) is just a damn sight better in both manner and style than my Engineering ones.

  4. Building 12 is the Law building

    I didn't know that until yesterday. After finding the lecture theatre for last Thursday's lecture to be in the Biomed building (Building 13A), I assumed that the tutorial also be somewhere around there, maybe in Med. Needless to say, the Law building was the last place I thought to look; needless to say, I arrive to my tutorial very, very late. It seems I fell for the ol' one, two combination.

  5. The Law building has great WiFi coverage

    One of the major benefits of being a Law student. I love WiFi. It's cool. Though a note to my neighbours: please secure your wireless network so that my flatmates don't accidently leech your broadband Internet connection.

  6. Law and Chess go well together

    I like both. Both are about problem solving. Both are about working well under time pressure. Obviously playing chess is good for your law studies. Ignoring my flawed logic, I've found that thinking in Law related studies is in many ways analogous to thinking in Chess. You need to play with a plan, and be constantly vigilent for ways to improve your position. Your milage may vary on this one.

    And lastly

  7. The Law Students Society (LSS) has cool keyrings

    Insofar as it's possible to have a fasionably cool student society keyring, LSS has done it. Ok, this one even more trivial than my previous ones, but I just had to say it.


Blogger sarni said...

The interest thing may be a matter of luck - Clough happens to be one of the more interesting lecturers in the law faculty (plus he teaches two very interesting subjects - crim and evidence).

And for future reference, all the law tutes are in the Law building.

Don't worry - you'll get it all straight soon. It's only the second week, after all! :-)

12:07 pm

Blogger The Legal Janitor said...

Prices of law textbooks are atrocious.

I've spent a good $500 on law textbooks in this semester alone.

10:36 pm


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