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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Carrot-stick elaboration

I thought I might elaborate on the post I made last night, since random ranting on carrots and sticks does no-one much good. I've found my carrot-sticks, and they are push-ups.

Recently, I've been falling into a downward spiral, where I feel guilty because I've been procrastinating, and I procrastinate because I feel guilty (and hence not "in the mood" for study). By making myself do a few sets of push-ups when I'm feeling guilty over my procrastinatory habits, I'm able to break the cycle and free myself from it's evil grasp.

The push-ups help by:
  1. supplying a needed dose of endorphins, and
  2. alleviating the guilt.
This makes me feel much better, and I can study happily.

The push-up thing is not a reward, since I don't like doing push-ups, but it's not really punishment either, since they end up making me happy. For lack of a better metaphor, I hereby dub them my carrot-sticks, and with any luck, they shall support me well.

The Age has an article on another, more controversial type of carrot-stick here.


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