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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Chessic Procrastination

I write about procrastination way too much on this blog. I think perhaps that this might suggest to readers that I am lazy. In my defence, I'd like any readers to know that when I procrastinate, I procrastinate hard.

It always seems to catch me by suprise, this peculiar habit of mine. I procrastinate from my University studies by spending 3-4 hours a day studying something else. I have a history of doing this which has stuck since first-semester first-year.

That semester, my procrastinatory interest was GNU/Linux. During semester, I installed Gentoo, had a look at the source code of various programs, and wrote a few scripts in Python to manipulate and display various pieces of information from the web.

Second semester first year and first semester second year, my pet interest was Go. I ended up buying a lot of Go books, playing daily on IGS, visiting Go clubs twice weekly (1 hour transport each way), and teaching the basic rules to anyone who cared to listen.

Second semester second year, I decided to learn Japanese. I'd had a bit of practice before this, as I had studied two years of Japanese in high school. Again, I bought a whole lot of books, did a lot of exercises from them, and watched a lot of anime fansubs. It was interesting, and matched quite well with my interest in Go.

And now? What have I been doing for the last week or so?

I've been working at improving my chess. This has a lot to do with my current commitee role at the Monash University Chess Association as President. Ah, what a crushing blow to my ego it was to realise that I wasn't even among the stronger players at the club. After a string of demoralising defeats, especially to the vice-president (the strongest player by far), I was motivated to improve.

So far, my study regimen has been to start working through Sharpen Your Tactics!, to play "rated tournament games" in Chessmaster 9000, going through Chessmaster's & Fritz's analysis of the games, and to read through Averbach's Chess Endings:Essential Knowledge. I also decided to buy a few Chess training software packages from Convecta through Australian Chess Enterprises.

I'm curious. Do a lot of people out there also like to throw themselves whole-heartedly at a hobby as a means of procrastination? Please share your interesting procrastinatory experiences!


Anonymous OLS said...

I always threw myself whole-heartedly into housework when I was studying. Not useful stuff like cleaning the bathroom. No, I would do really obscure things like clean all of the windows, or wash the screens.

Now, I blog. ;o)


1:16 pm

Blogger Ivan said...

"Now, I blog.". Never have truer words been spoken.

That said, it's only mid April - exactly what are you meant to be doing? I tended to wait until early June before looking for a little hobby to indulge in. You might note that my blog went up in late October last year , about a week or two before exams.


10:27 pm


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