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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Feeling like a kid again!

Sometimes I feel that being pushed through institutions robs my mind of that joy of learning I had as a child. Today, my mind fought back. A single leaking pen formed the catalyst for an hour of kid-like exuberance.

Imagine a student sitting in a lecture focusing intently on the material being presented. Imagine that this student has a pen, and is fiddling with it in an absent-minded manner. After a while, he decides to look at the pen, and discovers to mild shock that his hands are covered in ink. He sits there for a while, staring at his hands, still half-listening to the lecture, then abruptly he leaves the room, dashing off to the direction of the washrooms.

He returns a short while later, with his hands noticably cleaner, and a smirk on his face. You see him gingerly pick up what appears to be a leaky pen, and grimace as he carefully drops it into the bin. He returns to his desk. After another short interval, you see him tear a sheet of lined paper from his folder quite aggressively. You curiously watch as he proceeds to wipe his hands with the lined paper, and smile as you see ink stains appear as he progresses. He finishes, drops the paper in the bin, and returns to his desk.

Well, suprise suprise, that student was me. I realised today, that if I was still enjoying having a pen leak on me, still enjoying trying to carefully wipe off the ink with make-do tissues, and still enjoying conveying dramatic expressions on my face during the process, that I am indeed still a kid. And a kid need not be serious, need not worry about what needs to be done, need not write off spending time on his hobbies as procrastination, need not be afraid to experiment. And a happy child, happy children, well, they are the best of all! They laugh, and smile, and sing, and bring happiness to the world.

I sang all the way home, and continued at the top of my lungs for around 15 minutes once I'd gotten back. For today, the world is wonderful, and I am content. All because of a leaky pen.


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