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Thursday, April 21, 2005


I've not played much Go lately because of Chess. All that will change over the weekend though, as I head towards St. Kilda this weekend for the Annual NEC Cup. This is one of the biggest tournments held in Victoria, and probably Australia as well. It's being held over two days, Sat 23rd and Sun 24th of April, consisting of six rounds, and up to 15 hours of gameplay in total. It'll be gruelling, it'll be hard, but it'll be fun and rewarding.

Here's a copy of the timetable for any interested parties.

I went last year as an observer, and had an absolutely awesome time. This year I'm a competitor, so chances are that it'll be even better. I'll be taking photos and staying alert the whole time, so expect a post or two over the weekend covering tournament happenings.


Blogger sarni said...

How do you get involved? Do you just show up, or do you have to register beforehand?

8:48 pm

Blogger MT said...

To play in the tournament requires beforehand registration. However, even if you haven't registered, watching and/or playing casual games on free boards is more than fine. :)

10:19 pm


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