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without analysis there's no reason to play.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Politically Active Chess Enthusiasts on Campus!

Using analogies between Chess and politics can be an interesting way of making a point. I didn't quite understand what the point being made here, but I gathered it was to do with the sentiment that we're all just pawn's in Howard's game.

Political Chess

Apparently the black pieces represented the faceless student union members, and as for the white pieces? See for yourself.

I felt kind of bad, as in one game, I had the black pieces and suffered a slow, crushing, but inevitable defeat. Not the best symbolic message to convey at "I love my student union" week. However, I feel that the effect that the Voluntary Student Unionism bill will have on the (non-faculty) clubs and societies at Universities around Australia will probably be similar to my defeat: a slow, crushing and inevitable death.


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